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finding a home that meets your criteria

When you know exactly what you want in a home, finding that home can be very hard. If you want a home that is a single level with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms of a certain size, it can be nearly impossible to weed through all of the available listings to find that one house that meets your criteria. So how can you make a difficult search a little easier? Our blog will provide you with tips and advice that will help you narrow down your long list of options and find the one home on the market that will meet your needs exactly.

Live With A Roommate? 4 Ways To Get Your Items And Security Deposit Back

When you decide to move into a place with a roommate, you have to be willing to compromise. Most of the house will be a shared space, with only your bedroom and possibly a bathroom being yours alone. You are still likely to have your items dispersed throughout the house, and you will have an equal stake in the security deposit, which you should work towards getting all of it back upon moving out.

It is helpful to know exactly how to make these things happen before moving in with a roommate.

Take the Initiative Before Moving Out

Whether your roommate is adamant about cleaning the house or not, you should take the initiative to get the property ready for your departure. It is important to get the information you need from the landlord to determine what exactly needs to be cleaned to guarantee their satisfaction and get the deposit back.

If you want to go the route of hiring professionals for house and carpet cleaning, you should be the one to take action. Another option is to split up tasks with your roommate to save on cleaning costs.

Label Your Items in Shared Spaces

It might seem silly to label your personal belongings that are not in your bedroom, but you will find it useful for packing items. Not only will you avoid accidentally packing your roommate's belongings into your own boxes, but they will know exactly which items are yours and which ones are theirs. A simple two-letter initial with a permanent marker is enough for labeling. But, if you do not want to leave a permanent mark, you can write your initials on a small piece of tape and attach it to the items.

Keep Receipts for Everything

Receipts are an easy way to prove which items are yours. It is especially important for when you buy electronics or small kitchen appliances to have in a shared space. After living with a roommate for a year or longer, it is easy to forget about who owns what, but labeling and receipts should do the trick.

Create a Roommate Agreement

If you are moving in with someone who you do not know that well, you may want to consider creating a roommate agreement that is between the two of you. It might seem a little formal, but you should not hesitate to protect yourself to get your security deposit back and gain a positive rental reference.

Following these tips will help you have a positive rental experience with a roommate from start to finish. For more information, contact companies like Meadowdale Apartments.