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finding a home that meets your criteria

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Establish These Rules When You Rent An Apartment With A Roommate

If you're looking to rent an apartment but are concerned about your ability to pay the rent on your own, partnering with a roommate is a logical step to take. Some people look to live with friends or acquaintances, while others are content to advertise around the city and find a roommate that way. In either scenario, it's ideal to put some "house" rules in place when you agree to live with a roommate. Doing so will hopefully keep conflicts to a minimum and ensure that you're both happy sharing the space in the apartment. Here are some useful rules to use.

Respect The Cleaning Schedule

Making a cleaning schedule is a good idea when you have a roommate. The establishment of a clear-cut schedule gives you a chance to outline all the specific cleaning-related duties to keep the apartment clean — and then divide them up. You may choose to alternate cleaning the apartment each weekend, or you may divide specific tasks to be completed by each person each week. Whatever scenario you adopt, just make sure that your roommate agrees to the schedule before he or she moves in.

No Overnight Guests

Overnight guests can quickly cause problems between roommates. For example, if one person has a friend, family member, or significant other who spends a night or two in the apartment each week, it can almost seem as though this person has become a roommate — but without contributing to the rent, and this can quickly create a conflict. The simplest way to avoid such problems is to create a rule of having no overnight guests. You may wish to eventually amend this rule, perhaps allowing one overnight guest per week as long as the other roommate approves, in time.

Buy Your Own Food

Having each roommate buy his or her own food isn't the only way to keep food-related costs fair, but it can certainly be effective. When each of you buys his or her own food, and perhaps alternates buying large, commonly used products such as rice, potatoes, and milk, you won't end up having conflicts as a result of food shortages. For example, if you've been craving a bowl of cereal all day and get home to find that your roommate has finished the cereal without telling you, this can create a conflict. When you each handle your own groceries, you'll avoid this type of problem.

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