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finding a home that meets your criteria

When you know exactly what you want in a home, finding that home can be very hard. If you want a home that is a single level with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms of a certain size, it can be nearly impossible to weed through all of the available listings to find that one house that meets your criteria. So how can you make a difficult search a little easier? Our blog will provide you with tips and advice that will help you narrow down your long list of options and find the one home on the market that will meet your needs exactly.

3 Improvements That Will Help Make Septic System Maintenance Easier

Septic systems are needed for waste water treatment for many homes. It is a mechanical system in the home that is often not even thought of; until you have a problem that may lead to costly repairs. This is why maintenance is important, and there are a few things that you can do to make the maintenance of your septic system easier. Here are some of the septic system improvements you may want done to make maintenance easier:

1. Add Risers And Accesses To Monitor Your Septic System

Having access to your tank is an important part of maintenance. You or a technician may need to access the tank to identify a problem or just do a regular inspection. This can be difficult when the top of the tank is covered with a layer of soil. To make access easier, have a riser installed, which can give you quick access to your septic tank without having to do any digging. In addition, some systems like mound septic designs may need to have access ports to monitor the drain field.

2. Avoid Problems With The Addition Of An Over Fill Alarm

One of the common problems that lead to damage of a septic system is an overflowing tank. This can happen due to many different causes, such as non-septic-safe materials getting in the tank or excess use of water. When the tank becomes too full, it can lead to solid waste floating to the top and getting in the drain field system. To prevent this, you can have a simple overflow alarm, which will alert you when the tank is too full and needs pumping or servicing.

3. Reduce Strain With Chambered Designs And Grey Water Separation

Excess water use can be a major contributor to your septic system problems. If you have a larger family or use a lot of water with things like appliances, you may want to consider a chambered tank design, which can separate the liquids and solids. In addition, recycling the grey water with a separate tank can be a great way to reduce strain on your septic system, it can also provide you with other benefits, such as good supply of water for irrigation.

These are some of the maintenance improvements you may want to consider having done to your septic system. If you are buying a new home and not sure about the condition of mechanicals like the septic system, contact a private home inspection service, like Home Inspection Associate, and have them advise you on septic improvements and other issues with any home you may be planning on buying. They can also recommend improvements to bring your septic system up to code if you are planning on selling a home.